The Path to New Kitchens and Baths:


blueprintkitchenClients provide drawings to us with dimensions (see instructions) or their contractors give us the building plans. On occasion we first visit the site and make field measurements in order to do the initial design. We interview our clients to discover what they would like designed into in the home's areas. Do you want your wall cabinet tops all the same height or do you prefer the high-low look. What other areas do you want cabinets installed in? Baths, laundry, bookcases, or maybe an entertainment center for you big screen TV? Do you like glass doors or open cabinets, do you want a trash pullout, roll-out trays, lazy susan, tilt-outs in sink cabinets? Bring in your scrap book of dream pictures. All this so we have a clear understanding of you dream kitchen.


2020Before we begin the design process, we consult with the client regarding the door style, wood, stain, etc so that we can provide the client with drawings that are as realistic as possible. Once we have a clear picture of what the client wants, we begin the first phase of design. These initail designs, using the most advanced kitchen design software available, 2020 Design, are FREE . The first renderings are really just for the client to be able to critique the layout. With realistic drawings, clients are better able to picture themselves in the areas designed and to ask for changes, removal and additions of cabinets and accessories until the space is just right... better to get your cabinets exactly the way you want them during the design phase rather than regreting not having made changes after cabinets are ordered and installed.


Central Colordo Kitchens will ask for a signed proposal with details of the kitchen; cabinet details, counters, hardware, and any other products requested. Included with be installation quotes if the client wishes us to obtain those. We tpically do a final field measurement to confirm all cabinet dimensions are accurate and and will require signed copies of the kitchen layouts with dimensions so that the client can be certain we are both on the same page. With a 50% deposit, we will place order(s) for the components and the process is concluded.